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Discover the advantages of AMP for your mobile index
Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology provides quick, elegant, and high-performing web experiences across all distribution platforms.
As Google noted in early 2018, mobile device usage had surpassed desktop usage a few years prior. Google officially announced the release of the first mobile index in July 2018. This announcement clearly said that firms that want to grow while maintaining mobile performance must work on their websites to make them mobile-friendly before the deadline. This change required them to prepare, as indexing and ranking would prioritize mobile versions of all material over desktop content. This meant that sites without mobile versions would rank lower in search engine result pages (SERPs), implying that they received fewer visitors.
Google continued this strategy in order to compete with or challenge Facebook’s Instant Articles. However, this did more than just benefit Google’s browser. Your page would also profit from more traffic.
Several case studies have revealed the benefits and requirements for a faster and more efficient mobile experience on any site, leading to the discovery of a correlation between mobile page performance and an increase in visitor numbers. Higher conversions, more sales, and a favorable increase in the likelihood of visitors returning due to the enjoyable and pleasant experience accompanied this development.
According to Think with Google, a mobile-friendly page takes at least 22 seconds to load. However, 53% of mobile users refuse to accept this and exit if a page takes more than 3 seconds. This demonstrates that despite their impact on SERPs and conversion, people do not take mobile pages seriously.
This is where AMPs come into play. They can help you climb the SERP rankings by delivering technologies that can load your mobile website in less than a second. Despite the significant speed increase, AMP pages utilize significantly less data. This performance boost creates a more enjoyable and memorable user experience, attracting visitors back to your page in the future. Regardless of the nature of your campaign, it also boosts your conversion rates.
One error you can avoid is designing a site with the intention of making it desktop-friendly first. The existence of AMP, a must-have in the realm of technology and SEO, makes avoiding this stumbling block easier. While technology has grown to provide a better user experience, it continues to expand and improve. Google has adopted and supported AMP, which ensures increased visibility and traffic to your site.
HTML Standard (AMP)
Three central pillars support AMP, which improves page speed. These pillars are:
With only a few syntax modifications, it performs faster than ordinary HTML. It loads images faster thanks to a new technique. It reduces the size of images by converting them to Webp, a more advanced compression format.

The AMP JS library, which uses JavaScript, is crucial to the technology’s efficiency. It enhances the AMP’s performance while reducing load time. Before the user clicks the link, it pre-fetches components.

The library downloads resources systematically rather than in synchrony, which allows it to download faster and load more quickly.

AMP Cache enables mobile users to receive validated AMP pages and resources via Google’s proxy-based Content Delivery Network. This provides the best user experience from all around the world, regardless of the user’s location. When combined with the HTTP/2 transmission protocol, it increases speed and reduces load time.

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web design firm in Dubai